Traveling the NBA

Pau Gasol taps Serge Ibaka on the nuts after getting locked up with him. Notice how happy Pau is afterwards.

James Harden blocks the ball and is called for a foul guarding Kobe. Refs need to get off it and call it how it is.

Kosta Koufos is called for a phantom foul. Ref could clearly see if Koufos hit Tyler with elbow. We think he didn’t, what do you think?

Good call on Blake Griffin in crunch time. Shocking…

George Hill with a ridiculous travel; he must have thought he was playing handball.

NBA Comedy: Deandre Jordan explains something to Caron Butler. Butler obviously has no idea what Jordan just explained to him.

Travel? Twice? Maybe three times actually. Refs looking right at him too.

LeBron casually takes a couple of hops before dunking it on the break. Travesty to the NBA.

We think Kevin Durant DEFINITELY stepped backcourt twice. You be the judge. Honestly though, what is the ref looking at?!

Check out Kobe Bryant shoot this huge snot rocket in frustration against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Semi-Finals!